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Mike van der Linde, the old salt, has been carving for more than 30 years. The first seven years were spent doing craft market type products, e.g. birds, animals and household items among other miscellaneous projects.

He continued his career by working for MONEX THEMED ENVIRONMENTS as a sculptor for the following eight years. Here he carved masters for mould-making, performed the actual moulding etc.

Since then, he has been hired on numerous other well-known endeavours, such as RATANGA JUNCTION, CANAL WALK and GRAND WEST CASINO. In between all these, he has also lent a hand in DOCKSIDE NIGHTCLUB and the V&A WATERFRONT AQUARIUM. In the international spectrum, he has worked on a project similar to the RATANGA theme park and was also hired for various film projects.

He then worked for an interior design company called ‘Colonial House’ for seventeen years where he produced high-end furniture, carvings and sculptures for clients worldwide. Many of his works has featured in popular magazines and on television over the years.


He is currently living on his farm in Citrusdal doing commission work. In thirty years, Mike has carved, single-handedly, well over a thousand individual pieces of art, covering a simply staggering spectrum of topics and themes. 

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