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Henk Bruwer is the drive...

Receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Wood Technology, he was taught the many aspects of the origins and processing of wood.

Born and raised in a woodwork factory, Henk grew up helping his father and brother. In doing so, he has developed an innate feel for woodwork and has acquired advanced skills in a rare craft.

After 12 years of experience, he has developed the more artistic style of furniture.

He has a passion for woodwork and his custom design projects have no limits.

Henk currently also coordinates the projects to ensure all work is done in an orderly and professional manner. 


The common wood species to work with are:

S.A Pine

Namibian Kiaat

American Ash

White Oak and White Oak Comsels


Birch Ply and Pine Ply


Poplar wood

Yellow wood

Red Eucalyptus

Maple wood

Cherry wood

Rose wood

Iron wood

South African grown Oak

Old Douglas Fir (Oregon Pine)

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